Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

We are meticulous garage door spring experts, respond quickly and offer top spring replacement

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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Superb garage door opener services by specialists with experience in Liftmaster and Genie systems

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Garage Door Repair Service

Garage Door Repair Service

We are Genie repair experts, fix springs efficiently and offer top garage door repair services

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Garage Door Repair Las Vegas

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Repair / Replace / New - Garage Door Repair Las Vegas

Our specialists provide top garage door repair services with state of the art equipment and full dedication. Having excellent knowledge of all garage systems and the best repair parts in Nevada we can guarantee fast garage door replacement and thorough maintenance.

Some of the brands we provide service for: Genie, Liftmaster, Sears, Craftsman, Allister, Chamberlain, and more!
Address: West Lone Mountain Road
Las Vegas, Nevada
Zip code: 89130
Phone: 702-560-6827

Hours of Operation:

We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
Offering professional garage door services for residential doors of all types on scheduled and emergency basis

Our company offers affordable garage door installation service!

There are differences among residential garage doors in terms of size, material, type and design. You can trust that our team can install any door made by the largest manufacturers. Our service includes the removal of the old door and the parts, which must be changed too. You will enjoy the assistance of our team in finding the right door for your home and your new door can be ordered by our company. The installation takes place at a time most convenient for you.

Common Garage Door Options Common Garage Door Options
Selecting the right door for your home is vital for your convenience, safety and security. These are some of the most common options among residential doors.
Steel garage doors Steel garage doors
These are the most popular doors for residential use since they come in a plethora of colors, styles, designs and prices. They can be insulated or not. They can also be zinc coated so that they will be more resistant
Wooden doors Wooden doors
They are often made of redwood, cedar or cypress and depending on the weather conditions and the levels of moisture, they could need more maintenance although they are often varnished with protective coatings.
Doors made of composite wood Doors made of composite wood
These are low-maintenance doors since they have a skin of faux wood and the inner part is usually made of steel. They are strong and very resistant. They don't crack, split or shrink and they can be stained or painted.
Aluminum doors Aluminum doors
They are a great solution for high moisture regions, but they are lightweight, dent easily and are not as strong as steel doors. They can be combined with glass panels.
Overhead doors Overhead doors
These doors open upwards, move across the ceiling at the back of the garage and come down again. They have more parts than any other door type and are very convenient.
Roll up garage doors Roll up garage doors
They are ideal for small garages since they hardly occupy any space. They have fewer parts than overhead doors and a curtain which folds up above the opening.
Up and over doors Up & over doors
These are one-piece doors and move upwards and then outwards before they stop across the ceiling. They need some space in the driveway.
Insulated doors Insulated doors
They are ideal for attached garages since the garage temperatures affect the whole house. The R-value that indicates the thermal resistance must be high. Doors are insulated with either polyurethane or polypropylene materials.
One-piece doors One-piece doors
These doors consist of only one panel. They are not convenient for average sized garages and need some space in the driveway, too.
Sectional doors Sectional doors
Sectional doors are those consisting of several panels. The panels are hinged together and these doors are very convenient because they move easier and don't occupy too much space.
Wind load doors Aluminum doors
These are doors designed for hurricane-prone areas. They are tested to resist wind pressure and impact, have braces, low gauge steel hardware and more brackets to support the tracks.
Doors with safety features Doors with safety features
There are garage doors with safety bottom brackets and hinges for the prevention of accidents. The brackets are tamper-resistant so that they won't be fixed or replaced by homeowners, and the hinges are designed to keep fingers out of the little gaps between panels.

Rollers Door Remote Nevada
Our company Garage Door Repair Las Vegas is always available to solve any problem you have with your garage door system. We repair and replace springs, various hardware parts, panels, tracks, rollers and any part you can think of that's related to your door, including the remote! Count on us for fast and reliable assistance in any kind of emergency. Our services cover absolutely all types of doors and openers regardless of their brand or age.


Professional Repair Services and More

We do more than repair! Our wide selection of services includes installation and maintenance solutions as well. When it’s time to replace your old door, leave the work to us and we’ll install the new unit securely in little time. You can expect smooth and safe operation at all times. Keeping the door in shape isn't as simple as one may think, especially when it comes to classic wooden doors. Most people don't have the time, but we do! Let us lubricate the moving parts, test the reverse and safety mechanisms, and make sure you enjoy a fully functioning system for long time to come.

Spring Repair & Replacement

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Whether you have a single torsion spring or a pair of extension ones, you can rely on us to deal with any kind of related problem. If any of your springs isn't adjusted, we will adjust it and its cable to make sure your door is perfectly and safely balanced. A broken spring, even if it's just one out of the two you have, means you won't be able to open your door. You shouldn't try to operate the door, and it is recommended to stay away from the door in general until the problem is fixed. We carry springs of all types and sizes on any job we take, so we will make sure the spring is safely and professionally replaced, and the cable as well if needed.

Opener Troubleshooting and Replacement

Our repair services cover all opener components. If you have a broken trolley or a moving gear, rely on us for quick replacement. We have parts for openers of all types and brands, including motors. If the safety sensors have failed or you have lost your clicker, count on us for quick replacement. Programming is an integral part of our service. When replacing the opener is necessary, we will walk you through the options. Let us know what the budget is, what your needs are, and we'll recommend on the best model accordingly. Made a choice? Great! The opener will be installed then and there!

Local Company Dedicated to Helping You

Our experience has taught us that speed is vital when it comes to garage door emergencies. Our team is well familiar with the local area and the specific needs of homeowners regarding their doors. Our commitment to providing fast assistance in any kind of situation from bent track to their entire door going off the track has made us one of the leading companies in Nevada. Our skilled technicians use the finest tools and spare parts to deliver the best results. Of course we make sure to test the system several times after every installation or replacement project.

Whether you need urgent assistance or plan on having a new door installed, our company is here to do the job effectively in little time. To use our services, give us a call or send a message. Browse our website to learn more about us and our professional solutions. 

When it comes to our customers, we never compromise. Check out the following testimonial!

Happy with their great service!

“I just had to write your company about how great your service is. My 10 year old garage door just stopped in its tracks yesterday. I found your ad online and the receptionist who answered the phone sounded really professional so I was convinced to let your service guy take a look. He arrived in less than 45 minutes and examined over from stem to stern. He discovered that the track had a break in it and that was keeping the door from opening properly. He replaced it in less than an hour and now our garage door is working better than ever! Your company really came through when we needed help!”


Why Should You Hire a Local Service?

Our local repair, installation and maintenance services are designed for all types of garage doors and openers. We fix and replace faulty hardware parts including broken springs swiftly.

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